Tuesday, January 24, 2012

At The BEginning

Sometimes I've wished I had one of those "fallback" thingies, a safety net, a safe harbour... The thing is, it's really pretty much a fantasy. I always can ONLY live Right Now, in This Moment, and "in the end" isn't as long as, well, I am still above ground and breathing in and out.

I had an interesting conversation sequence the past 2 days. One was about the "awfulness" of identity theft. The other about fear-mongering. Both let me pause, reflect, and then smile.

I made a bit of a joke about someone stealing my identity BEcause, frankly, I am having quite the time of it trying to mine my identity. MayBE someone else could DO a better job?!

The fear-mongering was in part a logical offshoot when I relayed the first conversation in a serendipitous one this morning. The connection [and the reason for writing of this here] is that we can only BE where we are and DO what we can the very best we can, Right Now.

I probably was feeling a bit provocative to laugh in the face of someone else's sincere concerns. In fact, today, thinking back, I know that saying that is NOT who or how I want to BE. Even if I think focusing on what could happen or go so terribly wrong is a little bit of a twisted use of imagination, for someone else this is what is real and up for them.

This blog, the third I've BEgun in 2012, is a container. Plan BE is a curriculum I am creating, or a book, or a guide. Or mayBE all 3 and then more. Whatever, I needed a container to "put it in" and a blog feels like just the place.

We're always going to BE at the BEginning. Every BEginning is just Right Now. Yet our little brains are forever fiddling with the station on that, trying to tune-in, hoping for better reception.

And Plan BE, well, I suppose you can say it's ideas, experience, insight, and a few other things to BE named as they shine onto the screen of the everyday. 

I'll BE talking [writing] or mayBE I should just say SHARING on the elusive Plan BE I still wish I had as I continue to learn about the one that's already "in place" and working.

It's fun to BE at the BEginning, even if it's only someplace in my mind.